Private Residence in Dundalk, Maryland

October 27, 2012

Investigators: Mike, Beth, Steve, Robb, and Vicky
Other: Homeowner

Claims: Seeing a shadow walk through the livingroom, chair thrown back from desk forcefully, footsteps, son has fasination with the number 5, husband feels like he is being watched.


EVP1        EVP2        EVP3        EVP4    EVP5    EVP6    EVP7    EVP8


This is a video of when the EMF detector goes off for no reason. When this would happen, the meters we were holding would simultaneously go off. Investigators Steve and Vicky performing an EVP session in the upstairs bedroom. What we saw on the screen was an orb come from the desk into Steve's foot after the EMF detector went off. In this video though it shows about 9 seconds where video was skipped and that part missing. We clearly saw on it on the screen as it happened. Anyone have this happen before?
Flashing orb moves slowly from upper left to right.

During the investigation we caught an orb shoot out from the kitchen into the livingroom. When this happen the EMF detector went off.  



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