The Team

Founder / Tech Specialist / Investigator
I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and have always had an interest in the paranormal. I have had several experiences since I was a child. I have been researching in this field for over 20 years.

Co-Founder / Public Relations / Investigator
I’m from Baltimore, Maryland and love to read, being creative (drawing, painting, and photography), and watching movies (especially horror movies). I have a curiosity about all things paranormal. I simply want to know the truth.

Marketing / Investigator
I have always been interested in the paranormal. Never seen anything, but would love to have the experience.

Research Specialist / Investigator
I have been intrigued by parapsychology and ghost hunting since my early days of watching Scooby Doo.  Because of my increased commitment in the paranormal field I recently learned that my Great Aunt Mary practiced the ancient fortune telling art of tasseography. Maybe this genetic connection fueled an otherwise unprovoked passion?