Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for an investigation?
Mobtown Paranormal does not charge for investigations. It is our goal to assist those in need as a community service.

What is a residual haunting?
A residual haunting is a kind of “recording” of a past event on an environment (such as a house, building or a battlefield). These recordings repeat themselves – over and over in a kind of loop.  It's always the same, like a film or video, and doesn't react to outside stimuli (the living world).

What is an intelligent haunting?
An intelligent haunting is one in which the spirit interacts with the living world.

What is a ghost?
A ghost – or spirit or apparition – is the energy, personality, or soul of a person who has died and has somehow gotten stuck between this plane of existence and the next. Most researchers believe that these spirits do not know they are dead. Very often they have died under traumatic, unusual, or highly emotional circumstances. Ghosts can be perceived by the living in a number of ways: through sight (apparitions), sound (voices), smell (fragrances and odors), or touch.  And sometimes they can just be sensed.

What kind of equipment do you use?

  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) enable us to simultaneously monitor and record multiple cameras through out the investigation.

  • Infrared Cameras allow us to monitor our surroundings through a level of light that our naked eyes cannot see during the dark/nighttime hours.

  • Electromagnetic Field Meters (EMF) allow us to look for natural and unnatural fluctuations in the electro-magnetic field in the surrounding areas.

  • Digital Voice Recorders are used to capture EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) said to be the disembodied voices of spirits/residual energy.

  • Digital Cameras are most commonly used to capture light anomalies and other strange occurrences.

Should I keep a record of what is happening?
Yes. We ask all clients and potential clients to keep a journal. It's important to record what happened, the date, location, weather, time of day, and your mood before the paranormal occurence.  It's important to write down everything you can think of; it may help establish a pattern.