Private Residence in Parkville, Maryland

March 23, 2012

Claims: Clients seeing a face in the back part of the basement, hearing noises in the attic, getting feelings of being watched. Before we were contacted to do the investigation the client and her daughter were moving furniture into the attic. When they opened the attic, they said something appeared to fall out of the attic, scaring the daughter. The daughter claimed that it was a face coming at her.

Investigators: Lisa, Beth, Steve, and Mike
Other: Homeowners' daughter wanted to stay for the investigation.

A digital recorder was placed in the basement for the entire investigation. We caught two EVPs on this recorder.  Here is what was caught.

This was recorded when one of the investigators went down in the basement to take photos. She took several photos of the large room in the basement, then took some of the smaller backroom. She then proceeded to leave and come upstairs. All of the other investigators are in the kitchen watching the DVR monitor.


This was recorded when three team members were in the basement. Two were in the large room debunking the reason the EMF detector was going crazy, and one was in the backroom asking questions.

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